A Squash Rebellion

Pumpkins are revolting: they're tired of being carved up every year! It's a shame because programmers are actually fond of etching devilish smiles into lifeless pumpkins. It's a way to get our hands dirty unlike with our usual ethereal code. Alas, they are now sentient and cursing us right this second: pissed-off fruits are ending all ticket discounts for Handmade Seattle 2022.

Post-Halloween we are offering remaining seats as last-minute tickets—what's otherwise known as door prices. Originally this was going to kick in right on Halloween but I couldn't resist the idea of flying, conscious pumpkins howling magical curses at our headquarters so here we are 🙂

< 24h for door prices to kick in

A couple of important points here:

  • If you're unsure about attending because of work, remember that companies very often pay their employees to attend conferences. I've heard several stories of this happening for HMS because employers classify it as professional development (as they should!)
  • As always if you're a struggling student or financially disadvantaged, send me an email and ask for a meaningful discount. We've offered a decent number of discounted tickets and we still have some more left.

Lastly, if you know some programmer in your life who might benefit from learning about HMS, let's ask them to attend! Word of mouth is truly a great gift to an indie organizer. Meanwhile everyone here (i.e. speakers, demoers, contractors, job booth reps, Seattle Center staff, and more) is working passionately to demonstrate the power of Handmade values to the world.

You'll learn new things and feel emboldened.


P.S. On the next big newsletter we'll publish the hour-to-hour schedule. This will be sent at least a week ahead of the conference.