You can now grab your ticket at 20% off! This discount is only for a limited time. It will apply to whichever track you pick ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

As a reminder, here's all that's in store for 2022:

A Hybrid Celebration 🎉

Handmade Seattle is now a three-day celebration of systems programming and all things low-level. After COVID we've become fully-hybrid forever: come to Seattle in-person (physical track) or watch us from home in 1080p and with closed captioning (online track.)

Return of the Demo Hall

Our first Handmade Seattle (2019) had a hallway full of inspiring software demos. You could drop by, try the software, and talk to the creator. By popular demand we are bringing back the Demo Hall!

New: Job Booths

Both tracks will have direct access to companies looking to hire systems programmers. These are also companies that are agreeing with our philosophy of building more quality software. They don't want the moon to crash on us. So dust off your résumé and tell them you love chocolate wine (oh and talk about your technical skills, I suppose.)

New: Social Hangouts

The third day of the conference is exclusively a series of social hangouts. We're actively working with the Seattle Center and local businesses to give you a chance to start (or deepen) friendships with other conference goers.

Secure Your Seat Soon 🎫

Historically, early-bird tickets always run out within the first week. We are limiting the discount to the first 100 sales of your chosen track. Secure your seat now.

The speaker lineup is forthcoming. However, just like previous years the presenters share our vision and are awe-inspiring developers worth paying attention to.

Until the next update,