This newsletter is pretty quiet throughout the year, but it's a little more lively now that Handmade Seattle is in two weeks! To those subscribers who hate spam: I'm not a spammer and I come in peace.

Join the Private Chat Server

Invites have been sent to ticket holders for Handmade Seattle 2022. If you registered for this amazing indie event (and there's still time to do so) then you can start socializing already.

Speaking of spam earlier, certain mail providers REALLY enjoy sending my invites to the junk heap. Keep that in mind if you can't see your invite.

Aaah I see. "Smart."

I pass all the SPF checks, DKIM record checks, and have sacrificed my favorite dessert wine at their altar, but no dice. I've a feeling corporation's spam filters have gone berserk as of late. So let's check our spam folder and mark our favorite conference as a safe sender, yeah? One day it'll make a difference to the filter demons.

Quick Note to Returning Users

Users from 2021 were preserved, but note that if you're not a ticket holder for 2022 your account will be frozen in the coming days.

Abner, help! I can't join the server!

I've designed a system where we self-host a chat server and connect it to the conference database. It works remarkably well until it doesn't :)

As the organizer, I switch between these emotions every other hour.

Although rare, if you're a ticket holder and one of the following happened to you:

  • Chat invite never arrived
  • You bought a ticket for someone else, but they didn't get the invite
  • Registering an account or logging in produced an error
  • Password recovery isn't working

Don't panic, we're definitely here to help, and we still have two weeks before the main event. Send me an email ( with your issue and I'll address it as soon as possible.

See you in the chat,