Handmade Folks!

This is a short announcement: early-bird 🐦️ sales for Handmade Seattle 2022 will start next Saturday, May 7th! Please ignore the timer on our website (which says it starts May 1st.) I won't be able to update the timer until I'm back home from traveling. I apologize for the confusion.

An Indie, Three-Day Event

The conference is now three days: November 16-18th. We'll have the same theater auditorium at the Seattle Center, with more excellent presentations. We're also renting two new giant rooms: one for job recruiting, another for software demos.

As I was telling our conference members, the last day is exclusively a series of social hangouts. Handmade Seattle will partner with the Seattle Center and local businesses to give you a powerful opportunity to make like-minded friends. Some (but not all) hangouts may require separate tickets, but I will see if I can get them to offer discounts! This is all still early in development, and I will update you along the way.

2022 Ticket Prices

The standard ticket price is 150.00 USD for the physical track, and 45.00 USD for the online track. Note that the online track will have access to job recruiters in the chat server as well.

Early Bird buyers will get a 20% discount. An early bird is someone who's among the first hundred attendees to get a ticket for their track. Meanwhile last-minute ticket sales shoot all the way up to 200.00 USD for the physical track, and 60.00 USD for the online track. Last-minute sales start in November.

Lastly, if you're financially disadvantaged come talk to me. We've all been there. I offer free online tickets if you're struggling, and discounts for the physical track year-round.

We're Looking for Contributors!

Please reply to this e-mail if you're a company that wants to hire Handmade people, or if you have a software demo you'd like to show a large audience. We take speaker suggestions too. If you have any questions you can also reply and I'll definitely get back to you.

See you in May! We're seeing some exciting growth!

Yours truly,