Handmade Folks,

QR-Code Ticket

If you're coming in person, you should have received an e-mail when you registered. The subject contains "General Admission":

General Admission Ticket

It contains a QR code which we'll scan to let you enter the building. If you have it, please make sure it's readily available. If you can't find it, we'll try to look up your name in the system, which is slower.

Official Schedule

Here is the permanent link to the schedule detailing the conference hour-by-hour.

Masks, Food & Beverages

I'll repeat what I said in the last newsletter: Please bring your own masks, snacks, and water bottles. We will not allow alcohol, not even chocolate wine. The venue will have bathrooms and water fountains.

Remember we'll also check for a vaccine record or negative test result, per King County policy. Details in our FAQ page.

Streaming Locations

We will stream the event on the Handmade Seattle landing page:

Online ticket grants you private chat access.

And as a backup, we'll simulcast to my personal Twitch: twitch.tv/abnercoimbre

See you soon!