Hey hey, your (favorite?!) indie conference returns for a third time. Did you miss last year's thoroughly motivating talks, podcasts, and demos? Catch them all for free.

Fully-Hybrid Conference: November 11th & 12th

In 2019, we had a physical event with 300 visitors. In 2020, we found incredible success with an online event with 13,000 live viewers simul-casted on the website and Twitch. These were BIG wins for a small conference.

This year we go even bigger: 2-day event with both a physical track and an online track. That's right – visit the Seattle Center, or enjoy the show from home!

Early-Bird Tickets: Saturday May 15th

On the main website we have activated the infamous countdown timer:

Snatch your early ticket, celebrate with ChocoVine.

The standard prices for 2021 are:

  • 100.00 USD - Physical Track
  • 30.00 USD - Online Track

During this early period the first one hundred sales get a 20% discount (applied to whichever track you picked.) The speaker lineup won't be fleshed out during this time, but hopefully Handmade Seattle has earned your trust with its track record.

How to Contribute

The simplest way to tip us off on a low-level project or a good speaker is to e-mail us.

The Schedule Is Underway

We are currently reaching out to speakers with fairly mature software projects. This year we will not be looking for lectures without a real-world project underpinning it.

Speaker slots are extremely limited. Demo slots, OTOH, can often be pre-recorded and played between lectures. Last year's demos were among the most popular topics for discussion. If we can't offer you a speaker slot, please consider a demo.

Democratizing Conference Participation

1. The Chat Server and You

Q&A sessions will happen in the chat server no matter what. The speakers will use their smartphone to pick their favorite questions whether it was asked by someone in the building or all the way from Japan.

2. Talking In Person versus Watching Demos

Between speaker lectures we will have breaks. If you're there in person, these breaks could mean enjoying the company of those around you. If you're an online track person though, you'll instead watch software demos from creators who will be in the chat server – ready to answer your questions.

These dynamics are not only interesting, but they democratize conference participation. Let's experiment together.