Dear Handmade Audience,

Check out the official conference schedule and perhaps bookmark it – it's your trusted guide! Here are some final reminders for everyone:

If Attending Online 💻

The conference will be streamed on the main website and on my personal Twitch as backup.

If Attending In-Person 🧑

  • Search for your General Admission in your Inbox. There's a QR code there that I will personally scan (or my staff will if I'm too busy.)
  • If you have zero tickets, properly identify yourself as a speaker or a staff member. We'll have your names on record to verify.

Check Your Spam 🚮

Unfortunately, many of my chat server invites landed on spam (mostly when they're sent to a Gmail address.) I intend to figure out a way to solve it for 2023. For now, I have done this:

  • I have re-sent invites to various ticket holders, just in case, as sometimes messages in spam will get recycled and lost.

In the rare case you still can't access the chat server, send me an email ( and I'll assist you. I'll remain fairly responsive except for the times I have to be on stage!

See you in a couple hours!