Hoo boy,

I'm sure many are exhausted from our 2-day, fully-hybrid indie event. If I am to believe my Twitter feed, it all went really well! The hard work of our contributors and the staff shone through, despite another difficult year.

If you came away inspired from someone's presentation, I humbly request you send them a thank you note. It's the little things that keep people going.

Recordings: Where Are They? 🎬

We'll begin publishing presentations tomorrow (on our media page), and most if not all should be available by the end of this week—for free and in 1080p! I intend to message each presenter once their stuff is available.

If you can't wait we have the raw VOD in a few locations:

  1. Vimeo - Day 1
  2. Vimeo - Day 2
  3. My personal Twitch

Finally, for RSS lovers there's a Vimeo feed for when we upload a new recording.

Chat Server: Extended 💬

We're leaving our virtual hallways open through the end of the year. The server shuts down on January 1st, 2022. Until then, I would encourage both speakers and attendees to continue networking, and being responsive to DMs.

It's not every day we have such a high concentration of high-caliber engineers in one place, just to talk shop. Check out the Introductions room and reach out to people!

A tiny sample of our attendees (2021)

Merch for Online Attendees 👕

It came to my attention online attendees wanted to buy conference merchandise to support us. Thus I'm working with Ryan Fleury to sell our remaining t-shirts. Price TBD but we'll be reasonable about it:

Ryan's a fashion trailblazer.

Please reply to this e-mail if you'd like to get your hands on our first ever Handmade shirt!

If there's enough support Handmade Seattle will consider a proper merch shop for future events.

Your grateful host,