Handmade Folks,

For those in the states happy 4th of July! And like a true Seattleite I'm spending the day at a coffee shop. Using an Apple product. Drinking tea.

Don't judge me too harshly.

Tickets More than Halfway Sold 🎟 💸

For the first time in HMS history we sold out of early-bird tickets in under a week (both physical and online tracks.) And now we're well underway to sell all tickets a month or two before the conference.

If you've been on the fence we hope you register sooner rather than later.

We're fully independent. We're fully hybrid. And for 2022? We've added job booths AND a full day for social hangouts—organized by yours truly. I promised friends I won't encourage anyone to drink ChocoVine or wear any Zelda-themed masks (I will, however, have these items handy.)

If you're a student or financially disadvantaged, send me an email. We give good discounts on a case-by-case.

Schedule Taking Shape

First batch of contributors.

Davis Morley, from Voxely

Davis is a systems engineer at the studio behind John Lin's Twitter-famous voxel engine:

Yes they are.

This is his first time being a speaker and after talking with Davis at length, I quickly realized his technical contributions (and stories) will be really great to share with the world.

The Hack Club

Hack Club is a big nonprofit network of young builders who learn programming through self-directed projects. Take a look at their cross-country train trip:

Over 10 days, the journey began on a farm and ended at SpaceX.

This year the Hack Club will demo a new hardware project as they begin to integrate more Handmade ideals. They recently made headlines with an approachable introduction to assembly.

System Era

The creators behind Astroneer want to hire Handmade people. They reserved a job booth with us and were the first to do so. System Era is an independent studio and they've hired from the Handmade community before to great success:

As a former NASA employee this game checks a lot of boxes for me.

If you're curious I encourage you to bring your resume this November.

Wombat Studio

Another cool indie studio has reserved a job booth: the engineers behind Magic Poser.

Wombat Studio has built a popular tool for artists.

Talking to them was interesting because they are building their software from scratch and targeting mobile. You also (truly) purchase their tool once, with an optional subscription. I can get behind that.

Wombat's getting ready to expand and hire new staff so stop by their booth this November.

More in the Pipeline

This is just the first batch. We have many conversations that are ongoing: for more speakers, more demos, and more job booths. You'll see the website populate as the weeks go by.

Rebooting Handmade Dev Show 🎙

We brought back a popular show on Twitch where I'm able to interview other engineers and let viewers ask them questions:

Out of ChocoVine? This is the next best thing.

The show is also a way to promote Handmade Seattle. To track new episodes just follow the Twitch channel: we've already interviewed three very interesting systems programmers from RAD Game Tools (now part of Epic Games.)

In Closing

All right that's it for this month, I'll have more for you later. Remember to register for the conference early—I don't want to get yelled at for not warning you!

Yours truly,