Handmade Folks,

We're ~3 months away from the conference! Let's get right to it:

Five Speakers Confirmed, More on the Way 💪

The website is now listing the first five speakers. In alphabetical order:

  1. Walter Bright - widely known as the creator of the D Programming Language, I'm honored to have Walter join us. He recently made a splash by concluding "exceptions are a giant mistake."
  2. Andreas Fredriksson - Andreas is a force for good and coined my favorite mantra: Low level thinking translates to high level wins. Andreas is currently a Principal Engineer at Unity and has roots in the demoscene. I'd say it's high time for Handmade to absorb the hard-won wisdom from demosceners.
  3. Andrew Kelley - as creator of the Zig Programming Language, we've been loving Andrew's insights since the popular Compiler Podcast. He now returns as an official speaker to present his new talk: A Practical Guide to Applying Data-Oriented Design.
  4. Anne McLaughlin - Many of my readers will recognize Anne as TheHappieCat:
Anne's GameDev YouTube Channel

Where she employs her gift of breaking down shaders, game engines, MIPS Assembly and more in a rather powerful way. Her career is also nothing but a whirlwind of "whoa" – if Microsoft, Halo, and 343 Industries all ring familiar, just know Anne's been all over that.

5. Dion Systems - The team at Dion Systems returns stronger than ever. They recently published a fancy new website: I recommend the Gallery section because that alone will keep our mouths agape.

I'm still hashing out agreements with several more speakers and I'm still behind on e-mails (this is always the case for us organizers.) Stay tuned!

Software Demos: How Many?🎬

I am in the middle of organizing at least fourteen demos that will be presented between the talks. About 8 or 9 have already been approved, and they'll be of the same quality as last year's demos.

We hope to list most demos by September, with the exception of those wanting to remain a complete surprise.

COVID-19: Working with the City of Seattle 🌆

Washington is a state with a high-vaccination rate, so the governor at this time has found no need for a mask mandate. However, due to concerns of the Delta variant the city (not the state) is now requiring masks for anyone indoors at the Seattle Center.

This will likely change and improve later.

I spent a lot of time last week working with the city to remove the requirement for speakers to have to wear masks. After a final phone call, we agreed to strike down the first one or two rows of the auditorium to allow speakers to remain unmasked.

The Conference is Going Forward ✅

We keep selling tickets at a good pace, and due to the state managing COVID-19 well, the city staff and I are planning the event with confidence it will come to pass:

Remember: We're convening at the Nesholm Family Lecture Hall

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